Posted by: Richard Frost | 2 Mar 2020

Food for thought – you can now read Supper online

The new Supper magazine website

Supper’s website

As some of you may know, I recently changed jobs at Sleeper Media, publisher of Sleeper, Starboard and Supper.

I originally came to Strawberry Studios as assistant editor of Supper, the hotel food and drink magazine – I was the editorial lead for nine issues (issue 10 to issue 18), which meant writing features, commissioning freelancers, laying out pages and generally doing whatever the hell needed doing to get something half decent into print. Think it went ok – I got a few nice meals out of it anyway!

Now though I’ve moved over to a new role as online editor of Sleeper Media, meaning I’m basically in charge of doing whatever the hell needs doing to improve the company’s online offering. That includes working with our in-house production team to launch a string of SEO-friendly websites, starting with Supper.

The new Supper website

I’m really excited about the new Supper website for lots of reasons – not least because it allows us to run news and online exclusives for the very first time – but chief among them is that I can finally shout about what cool stuff we’ve been up to these past two years, since you can now read Supper online even if you don’t subscribe to the print magazine.

The issue library contains every edition of Supper magazine in full

Supper’s issue library

Ok, ok, ‘show, don’t tell’ as the old saying goes – so to show you what I mean, I thought I’d do a quick round-up of some of the features I’ve written for Supper magazine to date that I’m most proud of.

If you’ve ever wondered how legendary bartender Salvatore Calabrese invented the Breakfast Martini, and what makes Jay-Z’s champagne so expensive, or why Irish whiskey was almost consigned to the history books, and where German-born chef Heinz Beck first discovered his knack for Italian cuisine, then wonder no more.

Read all about it

Here’s a selection of my features for Supper magazine (starting with the most recent):


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