Here are some testimonials from people I’ve worked with down the years:


Rahul Venkit, Multimedia Editor-in-Chief, TOPHOTELPROJECTS, July 2018 – June 2020
“Richard gets it. He then makes things happen / gets things done. A stickler for organisation & high quality while being a joy to work with – an increasingly rare combination of talent.”

Sleeper Media

Jenna Campbell, Assistant Editor, Supper, October 2019 – November 2021
“Richard is a talented, diligent and passionate journalist and editor who cares deeply about the work and content he creates. When I joined Sleeper Media, he played a key role in my training as an editor – something that I am extremely grateful for. Alongside his role of Online Editor – where he successfully oversaw the redesign of the Sleeper Media website portfolio – he was always on hand to help me with any queries and questions I had regarding Supper Magazine, from content planning and feature writing to corresponding with PRs and understanding the intricacies of InDesign. Richard’s deep understanding of hospitality is complemented by his positive attitude, methodical approach and supportive nature, which makes him a great asset to any team he works on.”

Insider Media

Simon Keegan, Editor, North West Business Insider, September 2016 – Present
“Richard was a well-respected and well-liked colleague at Insider who was responsible for co-ordinating the North West’s online news which was always of a high standard. I’ve since enjoyed reading his magazine work and food reviews. I’d definitely recommend Richard as a journalist – a safe pair of hands and a nice chap.”

Miri Thomas, Editorial Director, Insider Media, January 2016 – Present
“Richard has a journalist’s instinct. He can find the real story buried deep within a financial report or a dense planning application. At Insider, he had an understanding of the businesses he was covering, but crucially also what the audience was most interested in finding out. I worked with Richard on South West Business Insider and North West Business Insider and have since enjoyed following him on social media – particularly Instagram and his creative portrayal of his Supper interviews and restaurant visits.”

Philip Cunliffe, Regional Business Editor, Insider Media, October 2014 – Present
“Richard is an outstanding writer who combines excellent journalistic qualities with superb writing skills. Throughout his time as a news writer at Insider, Richard constantly showed a nimble ability to get to the nub of a story quickly and easily, and was able to absorb and distil often complex issues just as easily. Richard has a natural and easy manner that puts everyone who deals with him at ease and instils trust. On top of all that, he’s a genuinely nice guy and is a pleasure to work with.”

David Casey, Digital News Editor, Insider Media, March 2012 – June 2017
“Richard is a hard-working, diligent and reliable journalist who cares deeply about his craft. During our time together at Insider Media, he developed an excellent understanding of a range of business sectors, from financial services and manufacturing to the property industry and public sector. He managed to build relationships with key figures within the business community, who respected his in-depth reporting. Richard quickly became a vital member of the online news team and could be trusted to handle any story. Since leaving Insider, I have enjoyed reading his interviews and analysis in Supper magazine, which have demonstrated his flexibility as a writer and showcased his strengths as an editor. He is a thorough professional and someone who I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.”

Wesley Charnock, Digital Editor, Insider Media, April 2011 – October 2016
“I first worked with Richard at Adfero, and when I moved to Insider Media had no hesitation in bringing Richard into the team, and later promoting him into a more senior role. Richard is a diligent, organised and methodical media professional with a wide range, able to turn his hand to any task he is faced with. Moreover he’s a great team player and always places great emphasis on the quality of his work.”

Rupert Cornford, Features Editor, North West Business Insider, December 2007 – February 2016
“I think Richard is a very good writer. We worked together at Insider Media and he covered online news for the region. But since we’ve both moved on I have seen what he has produced at Supper magazine. His interviews and features are quality insights into the people and the subjects that he covers. His storytelling is powerful, and the pace and word power in his pieces, are elements I always remember. He cares about his craft and I’d be happy to recommend him to anyone.”

Neil Tague, Editor, South West Business Insider, January 2012 – October 2013
“Richard’s a really good journalist, possessing two of the most important qualifications: he’s interested in a lot of things, and he has the get up and go to write, as can be seen from the wide range of stuff he’s covered both for business and pleasure. He’s a guy I’ve asked for help when commissioning things, as I know even if he’s unavailable he’ll have some ideas on how to move it forward, and I think this is a hugely underrated skill in any role.”


Nicola Hughes, Freelance Content Writer, theEword, June 2011 – February 2012
“Richard was an encouraging and supportive manager. He was a great teacher, enabling me to better understand SEO concepts for writing online content. His attention to detail and grasp of English language ensured all content we produced as a team was of the highest standard. He has a great knowledge of social media and digital content production, which means he’s a reliable person to go to for advice on such matters. He has built a strong team around him, meaning that theEword is apt at producing high quality content optimised for search engines.”

Jack Titley, Copywriting Intern, theEword, March 2011 – June 2011
“Richard is extremely passionate about all aspects of social media and I was impressed with his work in campaigning for green issues, including his organising of the Green Festival in Chorlton. He is a very diligent and focused editor. On a personal level, I admired his understanding, patience and dry wit.”

Sarah Marie Parry, Copywriting Intern, theEword, April 2011 – May 2011
“Richard Frost is an enthusiastic and dedicated person who has excellent communication skills which enable him to successfully manage a team. He is thorough in his editing and works hard to achieve everything that he wants for the company. An excellent team player who will no doubt be very successful in life.”

Green Chorlton

Guy Lancaster, Web Officer, Green Chorlton, 2010 – 2014
“We worked together on a website for Green Chorlton and associated Twitter and Facebook social media sites. Richard produced copy, did interviews and issued press releases while I used his copy on the website, that I developed. An easy and productive working relationship which effectively supported the festival.”


Maria Breslin, News Editor, Liverpool Echo, 2008
“Richard proved to be a hard-working trainee who showed enthusiasm, determination and tenacity. He showed initiative and did not wait to be handed work. His writing was promising and his speed will improve with experience.”

Andrew Brown, Deputy Editor, Southport Visiter, 2007 – 2008
“Richard’s performance at the Southport Visiter has been excellent. Very able, he has shown great enthusiasm in pursuing a number of stories for us. Good initiative, he has also brought some good off-diary ideas for stories into the office. I wish him well in his career.”


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