Posted by: Richard Frost | 24 Apr 2020

Travel feature: Things to do in Newcastle

Logo for UK travel magazine BackpaxOriginal publication date: March 2009
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Sports and socialising are the lifeblood of Newcastle. Locals spend most of their free time (and money!) on one or the other, so why not live like a Geordie when you visit?

Newcastle is quite simply sporting mad and boasts top-flight rugby, basketball and ice hockey teams. But even the draw of rugby superstar Jonny Wilkinson is no match for the main passion: football.

Newcastle United are perhaps the most fervently supported club in England, and an endless source of debate at pubs across town. If you arrive at Central Station on a matchday, head straight over the road to Gotham Town. At this cavernous bar, you can hear hundreds of Geordies discussing players and formations amid outrageous gothic furnishings, revolving racks and secret passageways!

Afterwards, make the pilgrimage up to St James’ Park, but be sure to stop in for a Newcastle Brown Ale at The Strawberry pub opposite. This local institution is famed for its sporting memorabilia and raucous atmosphere.

Be warned though, if Newcastle United win, every pub in the north-east will be rocking as delirious fans celebrate all night long.

Did you know?
Newcastle United play their home matches at St James’ Park. With over 52,000 seats, it’s the fourth largest football stadium in Britain.


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