Posted by: Richard Frost | 4 Jul 2015

Chorlton Open Gardens

Programme for Chorlton Open Gardens 2015

Chorlton Open Gardens

Last weekend I went along to Chorlton Open Gardens for the first time.

What is Chorlton Open Gardens?

One day a year, Chorlton’s residents allow the great unwashed to poke round their gardens to raise money for a good cause.

People give £5 in aid of Freedom from Torture to buy a programme from places across Chorlton (including Creative Recycling on Beech Road, Chorlton Bookshop on Wilbraham Road, Blossom Flowers on Manchester Road, and Chorlton Plant Nursery on Vicars Road) and this programme features a map and write-ups of each garden.

Green with envy

For Chorlton Open Gardens 2015, 13 new sites were added to the list bringing the total number to more than 30 including some amazing ones. Far more than you can get around in a day then (especially given many try to slow you down by putting on drinks, homemade cakes and live music).

It’s well-attended too – many of the gardens we saw received more than 200 visitors across the day.

Chorlton garden photos

We decided to focus on exploring the gardens of south-west Chorlton around Chorltonville and Chorlton Green. Here are the eight we saw at Chorlton Open Gardens 2015:

The Willows garden in Chorlton

The Willows in Chorltonville

Brookburn Road in Chorlton Open Gardens

Brookburn Road in Chorltonville

Chorlton Open Gardens - Claude Road

Claude Road in Chorltonville

Chorltonville's Ivygreen Road in south-west Manchester

Ivygreen Road in Chorltonville (1st garden)

Crossland Road garden

Crossland Road off Chorlton Green

Chorlton Open Gardens venue St Clements Road

St Clements Road off Chorlton Green

Green roof in Manchester suburb of Chorlton

Ivygreen Road in Chorltonville – green roof (2nd garden)

Cactus varieties at Chorlton Open Gardens

Kingshill Road off Chorlton Green – cactus collection



  1. (Note to self: remember to put this in Next years diary….)


  2. Next year’s Chorlton Open Gardens is on Sunday June 26th 2016.


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