Posted by: Richard Frost | 15 Apr 2012

Burton Road in West Didsbury is open

Mary and Archie cafe-bar, West DidsburyFor the past three months, Burton Road in West Didsbury has been closed while United Utilities did maintenance work on the sewer system (rather them than me). This led to a huge drop in footfall at the start of 2012, and made life extremely difficult for the many independent businesses in the area.

West Didsbury returns to normal

However, the construction workers are now gone and Burton Road has finally reopened to traffic. To celebrate, traders in West Didsbury threw a party earlier today (Sunday, 15 April 2012). In truth, it was fairly quiet when I went down – probably due to the fact the event was arranged at very short notice. Nowhere near as busy as WestFest, for example, which gives the big Chorlton festivals a good run for their money.

Burton Road reopening party photos

Still, it’s good to see West Didsbury’s main shopping street open again and I hope the local independent shops get back on their feet quickly. Here are a few photos I took from the Burton Road reopening party of A Taste of Honey deli, Reserve Wine Shop and Burton Road:

A Taste of Honey, West Didsbury
Reserve Wine Shop, 176 Burton Road
Burton Road, the main shopping street in West Didsbury


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