Posted by: Richard Frost | 22 Dec 2011

Horse and Jockey solstice

Chorlton Green Christmas tree

Every six months, the Horse and Jockey pub in Chorlton puts on a huge knees-up for the solstice.

The summer solstice party allows Mancunians to celebrate reaching the longest day of the year, while the winter solstice is where we all drown our sorrows at hitting the shortest.

Horse and Jockey winter solstice

The 2011 Horse and Jockey winter solstice party took place last night (which, as it happens, wasn’t actually the solstice at all). I went down armed with a camera to document this momentous event (aka drink some mulled cider). What struck me most was that these solstice parties really do seem to be going from strength to strength:

  • More people on Chorlton Green and in the Horse and Jockey than last year
  • More theme park attractions for the kids than last year
  • More shelter for Santa, who had his very own grotto for the first time
  • More reindeer (2 to be precise, which was 2 more than last year)

It was also great to hear some Christmas tunes played by a real brass brand, Bucephalus Brass. Nothing says Christmas quite like a beer-fuelled singalong on the terrace.

Photos – Horse and Jockey winter solstice 2011

Here are my favourite photos from last night:

Bucephalus Brass band Horse and Jockey solstice
Horse and Jockey Chorlton
Santa's grotto Manchester
Chorlton Green reindeer



  1. You should have said you were there / checked in on Foursquare as I was down there too.


    • Should’ve guessed you’d be there. Where there’s beer…


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